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Not seeing his blindness as a disability, NovaCain explains, “Becoming blind at 17 saved my life and now I will use my voice to positively represent the growing blind culture”. “Ray Charles Is Back” is NovaCain’s way of showing his gratitude to the Genius and his alter ego, Ray Charles. Like his musical influence, NovaCain exudes a strong level of creativity, radiates confidence with a great business savvy sense which people are impressively attracted to. On Ray Charles Is Back, NovaCain’s confidence along with the lyrics and track are totally in sync. During Black History Month and beyond, NovaCain will have people rapping along the infectious hook, Ray Charles Back.
Within three short years, NovaCain has garnered almost two million online streams from runaway singles “Snapchat Party” and “I Should Have Went to College.” And with his latest single “Ray Charles Is Back,” NovaCain becomes the first blind rapper to impact Digital Radio Tracker Global Top 200 Airplay Charts with over 2,000 spins.
Rising from his early #154 entry on the DRT Global Top 200 Airplay Chart, NovaCain released the official visual for “Ray Charles Is Back” where the rapper fuses music and comedy in the video with a very shocking ending leaving viewers wondering if he’s really blind. Along with the visual, NovaCainis preparing to perform at a string of upcoming dates in the Midwest and Southern United States.

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[Mixtape] TeyG - No Kompetition hosted by Bigga Rankin & DJ ESudd

Hunnid Da Label releases new mixtape from artist TEYG "No Kompetition" hosted by Street A&R OG Bigga Rankin and 2 Chainz's DJ, DJ E Sudd. This mixtape demonstrates the hardwork and talent artist TEYG has. "My only Kompetition is me", states TEYG. Hardwork is what determines who wins in this game of life. This is a download you won't regret.

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Watch the "Who Bad" Video

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

[Single] @Rootabang – Money Long

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[Single] @Rootabang – Money Long

Born Leaders Music Group Presents Rootabang – “Money Long”, produced by Philly Ferrari; one of the hottest songs coming out of the Midwest. Be sure to press play, share and follow the movement.

[Mixtape] GB Wiggz - Everybody Hates Wiggz 2 hosted by Bigga Rankin

Green Boys Release new mixtape from artist GB Wiggz “Everybody Hates Wiggz 2” hosted by Bigga Rankin. With the help of Team Bigga Rankin GB Wiggz released the first single “Lz” from project earlier this year. Everybody Hates Wiggz 2 is available via Mymixtapez, Spinrilla, and Datpiff. Stay tuned for more from artist GB Wiggz.

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[Single] Lil Poppa - Situations

Jacksonville, FL; Lil Poppa is back with another record that will blow you away. After linking up with Bigga Rankin and DJ Scream for his “Life After Desi” mixtape, this young man did not skip a beat. He has continuously been writing, recording, performing, and dropping more projects. This time around he linked up with producer StupidCash Zay to bring us “Situations”, a track that starts off with melodic guitar strings, followed by a low bass, until the beat hits you hard. This is a self-reflecting track to let people know exactly how Lil Poppa carries himself. Lil Poppa explains that the “Situations” in his life has taught this young man that he needs to keep a strong head on him because in these streets you have to lookout for yourself. Press Play and support, there will be so much more to come, so follow the campaign brought to you by OG Bigga Rankin himself.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[Interview] Introducing Rhino G

Video aside, the single “SAK PASE” campaign is sure to be recognized by the best fans and media Moguls/Tycoons in the industry. This hot Artist; who is proud to say he’s an “Haitian American” has been working non-stop to build his music career.  Lets Get Started!

[Interview] Introducing Rhino G

Mr. Rhino G! Who are you? I mean what makes you rise and shine daily?

I’m a father, best friend, business owner and an artist. Most importantly I'm a man.  I’m grateful for every daylight I get to see.  For that I give thanks. That's why I hustle from sun-up to sun-down.

Ok, Well let’s not discuss our private lives. How did you come to be known as Rhino G? I'm assuming that’s your stage name, correct?

Yes! Rhino G is my stage name. As a human being everyone has an animal side to them. I am a Rhino; I believe that the rhinoceros and i have the same personality.

Did you attend any art schools growing up? Tell me your musical background?

No, I went to regular schools. I was just born with my talent and the love for music. My father also had the love and talent for music but he didn't pursue it.

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians. You seem like a Lil Boosie fan?

I am a big Lil Boosie fan. I grew up in the Tupac and Biggie era. Along with "No Limit Records" and "Cash Money" days. So it's fair to say i’m a fan of their music too. My musical  influences are people like Akon, Rick Ross, TI, Tupac and LiL Wayne.

Have you done any collaborations with any artist?

Yes I have worked with Nino brown, Lynn Tate, Rod Maine, and a lot of big haitian artist.

Of course every artist would love to perform at the BET Awards, but besides that; What would be your dream stage in which to perform?  

Besides BET and MTV. I would have to say my final destination would be the Oscar awards.

How do you separate yourself from other artists?

I don't know! Because I really don't know what other artist do personally. I just try to focus on Rhino G and my goals at all times.

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue their dreams as an artist?

Know what you want and go after it. Never give up no matter what.

What is the importance of the connections you make?

I am grateful for everyone i meet in life good or bad. I believe every situation has a learning lesson.

Do you have a certain team that helps you get things done in your career?

Yes, Aidem Media Group is playing a big role in my career right now and Eone my distribution company.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Big shout out to all my fans (They are everything) I love you all.  Ms. Rose (Miyetta) of Lake County Florida; of course love you baby girl.

[Interview] Introducing Rhino G

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DraggOn Ent. presents, “Fell In Love” by O’boy Lo prod. by KC BeatMonsta!
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